Rogues crackdown

A LONG-AWAITED crackdown on scofflaws in Bayswater’s industrial zone could be on the way.

With some bad apple businesses clogging the verges with wrecked cars, dumping rubbish and polluting, a motion at the city’s annual general meeting of electors called for more enforcement staff at Bayswater council council to deal with the problem.

Along with the miscreant businesses, the area also suffers from graffiti, vandalism and roaming animals.

One of the complaints the Voice has heard from locals is that it can be difficult getting a ranger down there.

Elector Joshua Eveson put up a successful motion that the council hire more enforcement staff to deal with it, potentially paid for by fining perpetrators more often.

That motion will now go to a council meeting next year for consideration.

One of the area’s businesses attracted the attention of Consumer Protection WA in September.


The car-clogged block belonging to The Force in Smash Repairs has long been a source of complaints and CPWA put out a public warning about the business in September.

“Raymond John Goodall, trading as The Force in Smash Repairs (deregistered), has attracted numerous consumer complaints over many years and currently has dozens of vehicles that have been waiting for repair for a long period of time, with Consumer Protection now attempting to locate the owners of all the vehicles,” it said.

“During a compliance visit to the business premises by Consumer Protection officers in May 2018, a total of 46 vehicles were observed awaiting repairs with only two full-time repairers employed. Mr Goodall stated at the time that three staff worked part-time and he was committed to completing outstanding jobs.”

“Many of the complainants are taxi or Uber drivers who are losing money every day their vehicle is not on the road, creating even more stress and financial detriment due to loss of income,” Consumer Protection’s Penny Lipscombe said

The deregistered business got in more trouble last month when Bayswater council took the owner to court for breaching its “Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharge) Regulations”; he’d been spraypainting cars outdoors and fumigating the neighbours.


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