Inglewood in the slow lane

STIRLING council officers have recommended a two-year trial of a 40kmh speed limit on Beaufort Street in Inglewood, despite a majority of residents opposing it.

A total of 560 people responded during the city’s public consultation period, with 53 per cent of residents opposing the trial, 46 per cent supporting it and one per cent undecided.

“While a minimum 50 per cent support rate is normally sought as a mandate to proceed with significant projects such as this, the relative closeness of the survey results and the potential benefits to road safety that would be gained are considered sufficient to proceed in this case,” officers wrote in Tuesday’s council agenda.

The trial would reduce the speed limit from 60kmh between Central Avenue and Crawford Road from 7.30am to 10pm (1am on Fridays and Saturdays).

Opponents said it would increase congestion on the arterial road and rat-running in local streets, and wouldn’t make the street safer.

Supporters said the lower speed limit would improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, help activate Inglewood town centre and encourage more people to use local businesses.

Council officers wrote they would monitor traffic delays on Beaufort Street, and traffic volumes in local streets, as part of the trial.

“For a number of years, the city has been contacted by motorists, residents, businesses,

commercial property owners, community groups and state and federal members of

parliament to raise concerns about road safety on Beaufort Street,” officers wrote in the agenda.

“These concerns have occasionally been accompanied by requests to lower the speed limit on Beaufort Street in Inglewood (and Mount Lawley).”

The proposal will go to full council for the vote this week.

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