Jus Buy West to Eat Best!

Jus Burgers recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as foundation restaurant members of Buy West, Eat Best.  The Voice caught up with owner Bert Giancristofaro to get the lowdown on what goes into making a Jus burger and how they’ve gained such a cult following. It all starts with the beef patty, sourced from the pristine and fertile farmlands of WA’s Stirling Ranges, where Paul O’Meehan and his family run Butterfield Farm. 

“They grow their own grain and devote an enormous amount of time to the feeding and care of their prize-winning cattle. The O’Meehan’s are true champions of the paddock-to-plate philosophy and you really can taste the difference,” Bert said. 

A signature of a Jus Burger is the Turkish bun, produced for them by Turkish Bakeries since 2008. Turkish Bakeries is a local family business run by the Genc sisters who took over the bakery started by their father and inherited his passion for authentic Turkish cuisine.

“There’s something magical that happens when you take stone-baked artisan bread and toast it on a grill. There’s nothing quite like the combination of charred crispy crust against a slightly dense and chewy interior. Every mouthful’s a delight!” Bert said.

The perfect accompaniment for Perth’s favourite burgers is a schooner of craft beer and in keeping with the WA theme, Jus Burgers look to local producers with an entirely WA beer list. “All the beers on our menu are locally produced. We have a large range of craft beer with Eagle Bay Brewing Co on tap. Based in the picturesque south-west, Eagle Bay Brewery is another family-owned business producing some of the best beer money can buy. Cheers to that!” laughed Bert.

So, to all you burger & beer aficionados out there, get into Jus Burgers, Buy West to Eat Best and support WA’s passionate producers.

Jus Burgers
743 Newcastle Street Leederville
– 9228 2230

1 Rokeby Road Cnr Roberts
– 9381 1895

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