LETTERS 29.2.20

Royal wave
I WANT to thank Optus Stadium and its staff for their help on Sunday evening.
My father required assistance getting to his seat on Sunday evening to watch Queen.
The staff in yellow outdid themselves.
Not only did they find a wheelchair and wheel him to his seats, they even made sure there was a wheelchair waiting at the end of the night. I’m so impressed with the service you gave us.
Megan Mawdsley

A lot of hot air
REGARDING the article “Call for climate emergency vote” (Voice, February 22, 2020).
I sincerely hope that Stirling mayor Mark Irwin asks the organiser(s) of the climate emergency petition to provide some evidence and/or explanation of:
• The 150 million people that will die prematurely before the end of the century;
• The 100-200 species that have gone extinct in the one day period, presumably at the time of writing of said petition or perhaps at the time of reading; and,
• The horrible and disastrous effects the climate crisis will have on human rights.
Point one seems an arbitrary number that could be apportioned to a number of factors over the next 80 years, so it simply doesn’t make sense.
Even though it sounds good, it’s a logical fallacy.
Point two would be easy enough to prove, providing it is true.
My obvious questions to the petitioner would be, When was this petition written?
Are we to aggregate the 100-200 species from the date of writing/reading of the petition, then we can establish a relevant number as a starting point to establish some facts?
Point three seems a preposterous notion that nature has a virtuous indignation against the human rights of humanity.
Unless of course we adopt the bizarre self-nihilistic philosophy of Aurelio Peccei: “The common enemy of humanity is man, in searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…the real enemy then is humanity itself.”
It would appear that Mr Irwin has shown some integrity on this matter, that he has in fact a code of honour in standing up to the bullying tactics of a select few that would affect the human rights and lives of many.
Good on you, Mark.
Gene Lorenzo
Mt Hawthorn  

Council misfire on shutters
I READ the Voice article about how Vincent council is asking Mr Yozzi to remove security shutters because he had not obtained approval and that planning rules ban roller shutters to avoid a fortress-like feel (“Dealer caught in the crossfire”, February 15, 2020).
City planning can be a complicated business and should include considerations that directly impact on the amenity of users and promote a harmonious welcoming environment:
The location of the store is on a low pedestrian traffic area.
The shutters will be up in the day and down at night.
Pedestrians don’t care about shutters.
The shutters don’t impact on the amenity of users.
Vincent is being totally unreasonable.
Shutters are a cost effective means of achieving the necessary level of security.
John Rossi
Mount Lawley

Voice caned
PLEASE note that the school pictured on the front page of last week’s Voice is in East Perth, not East Fremantle. 
I do remember this, as I was a pupil there for three years. 
I do wish it could return as a girls school with the high standards of teaching and behaviour. 
Thank you for your coverage of local news.
Elizabeth Shurmer

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