Precinct plan 

A NEW precinct and a new town team to go along with it could spring out of a March 7 workshop in the terraces district of East Perth.

Perth state Labor MP John Carey is holding the meeting to gauge interest in a potential new town team similar to those operating in Northbridge, West Perth and East Perth. It would be made up of locals and businesses who can hold events and put ideas to council and government. 

Mr Carey says he’s been approached by businesses and residents in the area surrounding Adelaide Terrace and Terrace Road, and along Langley Park, who want their own town team.

It’s an area with a lot of hotels and apartments, but Mr Carey says it’s a myth that apartment dwellers are detached from their neighbourhood: “People living in apartment buildings still want that sense of community.”

He says they’ll be gauging whether the area is a viable precinct and what it should look like.

“What are the things we love about the terrace precinct? How can we drive more activity, life and vibrancy in that precinct,” Mr Carey said.

The workshop’s at Hotel Ibis, 10am, March 7, rsvp to 


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