Bike lanes cancelled on Carr St

VINCENT council has cancelled plans for protected bike lanes on Carr Street because of fears the impact of Coronavirus will be too big a hit on its budget.

Instead the council will fix up the existing painted lanes, despite a staff report saying they no longer complied with the WA transport department’s guidelines. 

The planned $300,000 Bike Plan Network upgrade was to be half-funded by the department and also involves traffic calming on Florence Street, which will go ahead as planned.

It was to have improved east-west connectivity and access to Beatty Park, which this week was closed by the council following advice from the McGowan government about slowing the spread of Coronavirus.

The cancellation is an unlikely win for many of Carr Street’s residents; the project was recommended for approval at Tuesday’s meeting despite a clear majority opposing it

Vincent sent out 1454 letters to residents, businesses and land owners alerting them to the plans, receiving 34 in return.

Of those, 56 per cent opposed the Carr Street bike lanes, while just 32 per cent supported the plan. Some suggested the council merely tizz up the existing bike lanes.

And in a reverse of Kevin Costner’s “build it and they will come” mantra, the staffers said if they got rid of the parking bays, fewer people would turn up looking for them after a few months, easing any demand. 

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