Smelly saga

A LONG-RUNNING stoush over the location of a new public toilet in Maylands has taken another turn after council officers recommended installing it opposite the Whatley Crescent retail strip.

The Exeloo would be on the road reserve beside the Maylands train station, just outside the heritage-listed Parcel Office, and cost $179,028.

Last year council looked at putting the toilet at the Seventh Avenue bridge, but that sparked an outcry from locals who didn’t want the bridge’s public sculpture moved to accommodate the dunny, which they said would be too far from the station.

There’s no outhouse within 350m of the station and locals have been complaining for nearly a decade about people peeing and defecating there.

• The proposed location for the public toilet on Whatley Crescent in Maylands.

The city originally wanted to install the loo at the station, but the Public Transport Authority repeatedly refused the request, citing concerns about who would maintain the toilet and provide security.

The PTA are still not happy with the latest location.

“The PTA does not recommend this option (albeit on road reserve) due to the close proximity to the station and the entry to the North East car park,” the PTA wrote to council. 

“Although it is in road reserve, this option will create greater security concerns for our patrons and require a security presence, which PTA is not resourced for and the city would be responsible for. 

“As we discussed yesterday PTA has been approached many times over the years to locate public toilets at this station and the response has always been the same. 

“Our transit and security staff are required to protect our patrons on public transport, not for public toilets. 

“We recommend the city find locations on land under its control that is suitable for public toilets to provide amenities for its residents and shopkeepers.” 

Councillors will vote on the toilet’s location at Tuesday night’s council meeting (March 24).

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