Disability win

A FAMILY hoping to give their intellectually disabled daughter and her friends some independence have got the green light from Vincent council.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the council approved three homes on Leake Street that are designed to create a mini-community for their daughter, who has Down syndrome, and seven friends.

“Our daughter has several friends who are ready to embrace living independently, as most 30+ years olds want to do,” the family wrote in their application.

They said purpose-built homes were necessary to “allow privacy and personal space, interaction with each other between the homes, independence and safe, easy accessibility within the community allowing for increased confidence and capacity building”.

But the application didn’t initially thrill neighbours, particularly as the family applied for one of the homes to be more than 50 per cent bigger than allowed under the R-codes.

Following 11 objections, that was scaled back to 120sqm, which still requires discretion from the council but was deemed acceptable by its planners.

Neighbours also objected to the lack of visitor parking for the two rear dwellings, but because the occupants are unlikely to drive and public transport is close at hand, the planners also ticked that off.

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