Sad vandals

REPEATED beheading of the snail sculptures in Bardon Park in Maylands has led to their removal.

Bayswater councillor Catherine Ehrhardt reports “unfortunately due to ongoing senseless vandalism of the snails in the children’s playground at Bardon Park, the snails will be removed and replaced with stepping stones”. 

• Who could hate snails this much? A vengeful gardener with spinach leaves full of holes? Photo by Catherine Ehrhardt

Their removal was roundly mourned when Cr Ehrhardt posted a pic of the beheaded snails on her councillor social media page. 

One mum said her kids had even referred to the place as “Snail Park”.  

One response to “Sad vandals

  1. I was here for my daughters 40th birthday she wanted a picnic. As she a leap year baby and is 10years old in leap years

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