Building a vibrant city

JUST before the coronavirus became a pandemic, Inglewood went all hipster with its first ever parklet.

Featuring a swing bench for people of all ages and Jenga-style seating, the parklet is outside Finlay and Sons café on Dundas Road.

Parklets are temporary public meeting spaces in parking bays, designed to attract people to the area and support local businesses.  

• Chevi Hughes, Chelsea Daniel, Stirling deputy mayor Bianca Sandri, mayor Mark Irwin and Kirsten Masgai at the new parklet, which might be a bit empty for a while. Photo supplied

The city is planning to put another parklet in Inglewood at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Beaufort Street.

Stirling mayor Mark Irwin says they are mobile and can be moved to different spots in Inglewood’s town centre.

“Parklets add interest and vibrancy to areas, encourage people to stay a while and also rediscover their town centres,” he said. 

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