Lightbulb moment

INGLEWOOD mum Roslyn Park had a lightbulb moment to take children’s minds off COVID-19 – and it’s gone down a storm on social media.

She’s put up solar-powered fairy lights on her garden and verge trees to make things seem a bit brighter for her neighbours’ kids and passersby.

“Bugger it, these fairy lights haven’t made it to the garage yet – tomorrow they’re going back on the trees,” Ms Park posted on Facebook.

• Roslyn Park

“The lights are solar, cost me nothing to have up and the neighbour’s kids love the lights at night.

“Good time to brighten up our streets for the next few weeks? (Non Christmas theme of course).

“Also, we live too far apart to sing and cheer but we can give our healthcare shift workers something pleasant to look at to and from their stressful shifts.

“And maybe something for the kids to be involved with to thank these workers #fairylightsbackup”.

The post was greeted with a flurry of Likes on Facebook pages Perth Hills Chat, Inglewood 6052 Community group and the Mt Lawley Community Group.

Ms Park is on the committee of the Inglewood Mt Lawley Community Garden, and since March 12 has been working from home, juggling her full-time job and being a single mum. 

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