Turnered down

A PETITION of 109 signatures calling for parking on Highgate’s Turner Street to be moved across the road has fallen flat, after a bit of digging from Vincent council found residents weren’t all that keen on changing the status quo.

The petition was organised by Turner Street resident Lauren Ireland, who wanted all on-street parking moved from the north side of the street to the south, adjacent to Jack Marks Reserve.

While providing easier access to the reserve for visitors, moving the parking would also have made it easier for residents to reverse out of their driveways, while a few extra bays could have been created.

However, council staff noted it would remove parking from right outside of people’s houses and might encourage reserve users to drive rather than walk, so they consulted with the 21 residences along the strip.

Only six favoured the changes, and four of those lived in the same house, while 10 wanted the status quo maintained, so the council has decided not to proceed.

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