Letters 9.5.20

New normal?
MANY countries are responding to the resurgence of people walking and riding due to Covid-19, by increasing the road space for them.
This includes New Zealand, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Canada and even the epicentre of car culture, the United States.
The City of Vincent has long prided itself on its commitment to active transport and so I had hoped we would see something like this happening in our area.
Unfortunately, the City has indicated it has no plans to do anything at this stage.
While the peak in social isolation and home schooling has passed, the requirement for safe distancing remains.
In addition, the many cafes and restaurants in the city are relying on home delivery and take away for their survival. This sees many people standing on footpaths while waiting for their orders, and it means that an increased number of food delivery bike riders are using footpaths to get to their destinations.
I urge the city to quickly implement a plan to make riding and walking in the city safer and easier through the reallocation of road space for these activities.
If others are like me, many would have enjoyed the safety of riding and walking on our otherwise busy, dangerous and polluted streets. Once the threat of the virus has gone, let’s aim for a even better place than it was before.
Andrew Main Alfonso St,
North Perth 

Locals first
THE proposed Aboriginal language naming of the Hay Street public space as Kaal Yimniny as suggested by the Elder’s Advisory Group is most welcome.
The proposed layout on the corner of Hay and Irwin Streets however, shows no respect for the native trees or shrubs of Whadjuk Noongyar country.
Deciduous and exotic species do not belong and thus have no place in Perth city.
Surely the City of Perth could be landscaping with suitable local native species selected with advice from the Noongar elders and wildflower experts.
C M Gray
North Perth

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