Virus delays report

CORONAVIRUS has been blamed for another delay in the release of the City of Perth inquiry report.

The WA government-initiated inquiry was meant to be out April 30 and the Voice heard even key witnesses only heard of the new delay through the media.

Local government minister David Templeman, who’d already approved two earlier extensions, says inquirer Tony Power’s disruptions were “unavoidable”.

A council watcher who’s kept a close eye on proceedings said it’s frustrating the gap between the report and October’s election had narrowed further.

Asking to remain anonymous given Perth’s fiery politics, they said a longer breather would give people time to assess candidates and vote for the best council.

“We in the electorate have been without an elected council for two years. It’s almost impossible to get in touch with any of the commissioners about anything. 

“We’re not that far away from an election and I think it’s incumbent on Templeman to have this out there long before the election so we know where we’re at.

“You’ve got people going for the election that are subject to the inquiry, and we’ve got to know the outcome,” they said, with early postal voting further narrowing the time voters can mull over candidates.


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