Plantings blossom

Bayswater council’s natural area expert Alex Devine, mayor Dan Bull, and Friends of Lightning Swamp’s John Williams.

AN army of volunteers is needed to plant 40,000 native seedlings along Bayswater’s foreshore and bushlands to create future homes for frogs, birds and other critters.

Bayswater council’s winter tree planting program is putting down 2000 youngster trees in July and August along with the seedlings, and mayor Dan Bull says “we are focusing on some of the city’s most environmentally sensitive areas including Lightning Swamp, Baigup Wetlands and Gobba Lake.

“A mixture of local native trees, shrubs, sedges and groundcovers have been selected to improve biodiversity.”

He says they couldn’t get them all into the ground without the community and “it’s heartening to see volunteers come out in force each year to help rejuvenate local wetlands and nature reserves at our community planting days.”

Cr Bull says many are from local environmental groups, but “everyone is welcome and you don’t need any planting experience to take part. Just show up with a pair of gardening gloves and weatherproof clothing, roll up your sleeves and we will help you get started.”

Planting day dates are pending for July and August, to be announced via the city’s Facebook page.

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