Trees ironed out 

GREENERY has mostly been restored to plans for the Beaufort Street block that’ll replace the old laundromat.

The plan first floated in 2019 was a verdant oasis featuring large trees sprouting from balconies. Vincent council loved it and approved it, but recently the applicant Baltinas Architecture came back and said it might be too heavy and would be too expensive for the future strata to maintain. 

They drew up new plans dropping the number of on-structure plants from 58 to 38, getting rid of the bigger trees.

Vincent councillors bristled at the denuding, saying the trees were a big part of what made the plan palatable. 

After some negotiation councillors approved a third plan with smaller trees replacing the biggies, with 59 in total sprouting from the building. They’ll have about a 3m canopy when mature. 

Mayor Emma Cole said “it is quite disappointing when you approve a development [that] was mooted as a biophilic design” only to have a second version show up with the best bits removed. 

Commenting on the new re-treed plans, she said: “Faith restored”.


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