‘Hollywood’ moment for Northbridge

A mockup of how the sign might look.

HOLLYWOOD, Venice, and now Northbridge: A giant sign reminding people which suburb they’re in is planned to hang across William Street.

The proposal’s come from Happy Heart, the company set up by Adrian Fini and Marcus Canning to re-launch The Rechabite as a multi-level arts and hospitality hub.

It’s hoped the sign made up of individually suspended 3D letters will be an “instagram-worthy” location, and is inspired by the Venice sign in that Californian neighbourhood. 

It’s part of Happy Heart’s $1 million multi-pronged effort to revitalise the suburb as part of the city’s Covid-19 recovery, and Hook Lane and Lock Lane will also be redeveloped. 

Happy Heart has asked Perth city council for a $35,000 grant to help fund the sign, and commissioners sounded pretty keen. 

“I think it’s a great idea,” Cmmr Len Kosova said at this week’s council briefing, describing the proposal as “exceptional” 

Cmmr Gaye McMath said she loved the sign but queried whether it would be cheaper for the city to put the sign up itself. Staff responded its was value for money as there’ll be additional costs and maintenance which will be Happy Heart’s responsibility.

They vote June 30 on whether to give the $35,000.

The sign would still need planning approval from the state’s DevelopmentWA because William Street is a state-listed heritage precinct.


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