Backlot’s great line-up

Mural artist Steve Browne and Backlot cinema Ian Hale. Photo by David Bell

ASKING someone’s favourite movie line usually yields a bunch of half-remembered “are you feeling lucky, punk?” or “Luke, I’m your father” misquotes. 

For the new mural out front of his Leederville microcinema, The Backlot owner Ian Hale went to the experts and asked a bunch of Perth film figures for their favourites (he had a healthy rolodex after decades in the film industry working for Paramount and United International Pictures).

There are some classics – Hannibal Lecter’s “fava beans” line made it in there along with a healthy Jack Nicholson showing and the actually correct Dirty Harry line instead of the misquote everyone remembers.

And asking local figures meant he got some Australian flavour: “Tell him he’s dreaming” and Chopper’s line about Keithy having “done himself a mischief” are in there among the Oscar winners.

Female character

Artist Steve Browne designed and painted the mural. Mr Hale had wanted a strong female character to balance the Backlot’s iconic Heath Ledger mural, and Mr Browne said Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) from The Matrix jumped straight to mind for the centrepiece.

“This moment was a game changer in filmmaking,” Mr Browne says, depicting her mid-leap during her first encounter with the mysterious machine’s authorities. 

He still puts on the movie to rewatch it some 21 years later.

The Backlot’s just starting to open up again after a Covid-closure, and Mr Hale says already people are stopping to pore over the lines and remember some movie moments. 


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