Maybury back in the saddle

Graham Mabury with Baptistcare CEO Russell Bricknell.

FORMER Nightline host Graham Maybury is back behind the microphone for the first time in six years in the podcast Demystifying Aged Care.

Covering topics like dementia, aged care living and the financial challenges of retirement, each 30-minute episode features Mr Maybury in conversation with independent experts and older West Australians and their families.

“Doing the podcasts gave a clear reminder of something I’d discovered over my years on Nightline – the vital importance of having informed, independent advice from a trusted source,” Mr Maybury says.

“An opportunity to ask all your questions and have all the potential pitfalls pointed out and fine print explained. 

“It was a brilliant idea of the producers to include people who have been on the journey from home to residential aged care; for example, or when your spouse develops dementia. They are living proof there is a way through.” 

The well-known broadcaster hung up his headphones at 6PR six years ago, so he knows first-hand the challenges that come with getting older.

“Personally, financially and vocationally it’s a new landscape in ways no one told me about beforehand,” Mr Maybury says.

“It brings challenges – but also great flexibility and new opportunities. 

“I miss ‘the Nightline family’ and my radio colleagues, but my community work continues in different forms and I’ve enjoyed the new experience of serving on several ethics committees.”

Over the years the broadcaster has hosted many heated late night discussions with ratepayers complaining about this and that, so we couldn’t resist asking him who he thinks should be the next mayor of Perth. 

“Rejoicing in the knowledge that it won’t be me, I will leave that choice to the ratepayers of the City of Perth and respect the democratic process as I always did over the years on Nightline”.

Produced by Baptist Care, the podcast Demystifying Aged Care is available here:

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