Cultural centre cash

AN Aboriginal cultural centre for Perth’s a step closer with $2 million of WA government money pledged for the planning. 

It was announced as part of the McGowan government’s $76m culture and arts recovery package, which includes a $30m upgrade of Perth Concert Hall, $15m for more work on His Majesty’s Theatre to reinstate the original balconies, and a $15m “getting the show back on the road” fund for live performance.

State Perth Labor MP John Carey says he loves the idea of an Aboriginal cultural centre: “We need to genuinely consult and engage with local traditional owners,” he said.

The city’s been flagged as a favoured spot by many parties (the City of Perth, advocacy group Committee for Perth, federal Perth MP Patrick Gorman).


One response to “Cultural centre cash

  1. Have you asked If the aboriginals want a cultural centre? My understanding that aboriginal culture does not include permanent man-made structures but that it is represented within the natural environment. This seems to be a very white anglo- Saxon response.

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