Skate park mooted as kids boom

Vincent mayor Emma Cole and State Perth Labor MP John Carey scoping out potential spots for a skate park.

AN explosion of tweens has prompted plans for a skate park for younger kids in Mount Hawthorn.

State Perth Labor MP John Carey says he’ll soon start a survey on the best spot and what people want in a skate park. 

Leederville has a big skate park at HQ but he reckons there’s a need for something catering for younger skaters and scooterers in the 8 to 14 age group. 

“We know there’s been a big baby boom in Mount Hawthorn,” he says, “there’s been an explosion of kids. I know that from door knocking when I was mayor, seeing all the prams and kids toys out front.

“Those babies and kids are now tweens and teenagers and what’s apparent is there is a growing demand for recreation facilities that cater towards that younger tween or teenage bracket.

“I’m passionate about getting kids away from screens and doing the activities they love. Skating and scooting is incredibly popular with boys and girls.”

He says in early talks some of the possible locations raised with him so far are Axford Park, Britannia Reserve, or Charles Veryard. 

“It’s not about plonking it somewhere that’s removing critical green space,” he says, “so what we’re looking at is: Where are areas that could be used that really are unused at the moment.” 

The skate park has to be away from trees since they drop nuts that gum up the skate board trucks. Mr Carey says he’ll work with Vincent council on the best spot but will seek funding for the WA government given how councils have copped a battering from Covid-19.

Mayor Emma Cole is keen: “We’re very excited, we’d definitely want to support this happening. We have identified in our Public Open Space Strategy that we need more fun, interesting things for youth to do. We do have a growing tween and teenage population in our Mount Hawthorn and North Perth areas, and this would be very welcomed.

“Because our budget’s taken a hit, this is really welcomed by us, because it really ticks the boxes for our strategic priorities.” 


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