Graffiti backdown

Highgate’s Franca Di Natali alerted us to the surge of graffiti recently.

RELIEF may be on the way for Vincent’s graffiti-emblazoned laneways.

Following a surge in illegible tagging this year, Highgate resident Franca Di Natali was told it had become so overwhelming the council’s lone graffiti buster would no longer do the lanes’ fences and garage doors.

But mayor Emma Cole thinks that’s contrary to council policy and put up a notice of motion at this week’s council meeting calling for a review of the city’s graffiti removal service so it can maintain the city’s 42km network of lanes. 

“Graffiti removal is part of our core business and if the need is there, we need to look at additional resources,” Ms Cole said.

“We have an absolutely outstanding graffiti officer, Lenny, who works tirelessly – he goes above and beyond and has done an absolutely incredible job being a one-person show, it’s quite phenomenal.

Tipping point

“But we’ve actually reached a point where we really need to look at whether that’s enough.”

Ms Cole says if the problem’s not solved it could cause worse issues: “If we let our laneways go, this is going to be an issue of amenity and safety for our residents more broadly.”

The policy will be clarified and some budgeting projections that will allow for extending the graffiti service back into laneways will be prepared for councillors to consider in February 2021.


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