Putting the hard wood on premier

Some of the Old Growth Grannies who come from across the state.

A POSSE of grannies is planning to ambush premier Mark McGowan outside WA parliament on November 5 to give him a strict ticking off about logging in WA’s native forests.

Forty of the Old Growth Grannies, as they’ve been tagged, recently blockaded a logging site in Nannup then set up a protest camp outside Mr McGowan’s Rockingham office.

The nannas say they’re worried about leaving their grandkids a stuffed planet and want to show that even at their age it’s not too late to act.

“Every plant and tree is precious to our wellbeing,” said Unice Robinson, who had a message for the premier.

“Please stop logging native forests and clearing our wetlands and bushlands. We must protect these special places now.”

The grans hope to motivate the next generation to join their Parliament protest on November 5 from 9am. Anyone busy on that day can help make tree-shaped placards and costumes to support them on Wednesdays from 6pm at the Boorloo Activist Centre on Aberdeen Street near the McIver Train Station.

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