Big tummies in Little China

THERE are many great dim sum and yum cha restaurants in Perth, but I rank Little China Girl as one of the best.

It’s situated in a Roe Street building that used to be home to one of the city’s most popular chinese restaurants, Welcome Inn Tea House.

The team behind Little China Girl, which opened in 2018, are offspring of Welcome Inn’s original owner Master Chung, and they’re doing an incredible job at honouring his legacy with fresh, well-priced food and impeccable service.

The restaurant’s interior is exactly as you’d imagine a chinese restaurant to look – Scarlet and charcoal black furniture fill the dainty and cosy dining room downstairs, while large windows flood the upstairs area with natural light.

The restaurant makes great use of the space with just enough room for hurried staff to roll their dim sum trollies between tables.

It’s impossible not to over-order at yum cha and it didn’t take long for our table to be overflowing with steamed, deep-fried and barbecued delights.

Mushroom and truffle

There’s a dedicated vegetarian menu, and while I wouldn’t usually give a meat-free menu a second look, my wife Kylie and I couldn’t go past the mushroom and truffle oil dumplings ($8.50). 

The perfectly steamed dumplings were full of minced mushroom that packed more punch than an Ali uppercut. 

Its subtle truffle aroma made it one of the best dumplings I’ve ever had.

As far as meat dishes go, you could say we ordered an entire farm.

We wolfed down rich roasted duck with crispy skin ($12.80) in between mouthfuls of pork spare ribs ($6.50). 

The light, sesame-flavoured pork flesh was tender and fell off the bone easily. It wasn’t tough and full of gristle like steamed pork ribs can be sometimes.

We gutsed other animal-stuffed dumplings including the chiu chow chicken with peanuts ($5.70), fluffy BBQ pork buns ($5.70) and sweet pork bean curd rolls ($6.50), which are sometimes called tofu skin rolls with a mellow tofu-flavoured wrapper.

The most theatrical dish of the day was the baked salted egg yolk lava bun ($5.70) – a doughy bun that oozed runny yolk when you bit into it. Delicious stuff.


By this time our full stomachs were getting the better of us and we were slightly delirious from overeating.

“These wantons look like goldfish swimming in this broth,” Kylie said as she forced her way through her prawn wonton noodle soup. “Hello little fishies,” she said with a glazed look in her eyes.

It was time to get her home.

Almost two weeks later, Kylie and I still talk about Little China Girl and it won’t be long until we return.

By Matthew Eeles

Little China Girl
68 Roe Street, Northbridge
Phone 0414 694 121

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