A stitch in time

• Priscilla Harris finds comfort in her new quilt in her new home.

A CHANCE encounter between a quiltmaker and her next-door neighbour has led to a simple gesture bringing comfort to formerly homeless women.

Quiltmaker Bev recently bumped into her neighbour Mel Ashton, who chairs homeless services organisation St Bart’s. Bev’s been quiltmaking for 20 years and donates them to anyone she knows who needs cheering up, and offered three of her one-of-a-kind handmade quilts to St Bart’s.

“I had a few spare quilts at home and really wanted to do something to help the women at St Bart’s feel comfortable as they move on to living independently,” Bev said. 

Her quiltmaking group got on board and another six handmade quilts went to women staying at St Bart’s Women’s Service in East Perth, a transitional housing facility accommodating up to 20 women.

One of the giftees was Priscilla Harris who was at SBWS to recover after rehab. She’s recently moved into her own home.

“I just love the quilt, it matches perfectly in my new home,” she said.

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