Get a quick hit out of high art

IF beach sand in your socks, sunburn and yelling kids isn’t your idea of a great gallery experience, it might be time to ditch Cottesloe’s seaside spectacle and try out some new public art in The Pickle District.

Viewers won’t even have to leave the air-conditioned comfort of their cars to see the latest exhibition by 12 artists from Voxlab and The Pickle District art collective; though in a twist on the old slogan “get in quick”, Sculptures by the Freeway is best seen while nipping into the Northbridge tunnel.

The idea for the poletop sculptures was hatched in Voxlab, a creative hub on Old Aberdeen Place founded by established metal sculptor Jon Denaro and his artist partner Bec Juniper, and managed by Linton & Kay Galleries director Linton Partington.

• Paul Caporn’s A Hard Night’s Sleep “points to the rising problem of homelessness in WA”. Caporn has donated 60 per cent of his fee to St Vinnie’s Tom Fisher House on Beaufort Street.

Contributing sculptor Andrew Thornton Hick’s piece pays homage to mining.

“Mining has fuelled WA’s economy and industry for the last century,” Hick says.

“This work is about how the land gives and the land takes; it pays homage to life cycles, and the indigenous six seasons of revolution through its folds in construction.”

“It is a unique poly-tessellation form that makes a circular gateway to a new precinct on the edge of the freeway.”


The exhibition has been supported by the City of Vincent after scoring funding through its Arts Advisory Group, which assessed it as “contributing toward the long-term goal of an urban artwalk spanning from The Pickle District into central Leederville”.

The Pickle District is an emerging arts precinct nestled between the city, Leederville and Northbridge. Formerly a light industrial area, it takes its name from Tandy’s Preserves and Pickle Factory which once operated in the area.

In 2018 as the number of artistic organisations moving in started to grow, the local Town Team helped create the non-profit organisation West End Arts Precinct, which was rebranded The Pickle District a year later.

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