Govt slammed for ‘tin pot’ response

VICTORIA’S $5.3 billion social housing package has exposed the McGowan government’s 10-year strategy as the work of a third world “backwater” says a WA-based homeless advocacy group.

House the Homeless says just 260 new homes will be built for low-income families in WA over the next decade – less than half what the Andrews government will build in Victoria next year alone.

Calling it a missed opportunity, HtH says the McGowan government should prioritise housing the 15,000 families who are currently on Homeswest’s waiting list.

“Spot purchasing provides immediate safety and relief for families in crisis,” HtH spokesperson Betsy Buchanan said.

“Under previous governments this practice was widespread, and we need to see a return to the practice of purchasing properties off the open market.

“This not only provides a release on the overstretched private rental market, it also creates a financial asset for the government at a time of historically low property prices, particularly in regional and rural areas.”

Dr Buchanan said the Gallop and Carpenter governments had previously provided housing to support families of child sex abuse victims, which needed to be reintroduced.

National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project director Megan Krakouer said Victoria’s model would mostly benefit the women and children who make up most of waiting lists.

“However, when we compare Victoria’s response to Western Australia, our government remains the backwater of this nation – doing next to nothing for our most vulnerable.

“The humble gesture by the Victorians has made the WA government look like a tin pot, mean spirited, morally corrupt third world nation.”

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