Theatre mix-up for guys and dolls

THEATRE-LOVING City of Perth councilmen have been asked to withdraw from the Perth Theatre Trust board to avoid giving it a testosterone overdose.

The state government sets a target of a 50/50 mix of guys and dolls on government boards and the trust table is already a little gentleman-heavy, with three men and two women, even before the city’s representatives come on board. 

But no one informed Perth councillors of the gender quota and they inadvertently nominated three male councillors last year ‚Äî Liam Gobbert, Clyde Bevan and Victor Ko. 

That would’ve meant a six-man two-woman board, so arts minister David Templemen told the City of Perth to send more women. 


At the January 19 special council meeting lord mayor Basil Zempilas said the three councillors were 

“thespians of some note, and people who had a genuine interest in being on this particular board”. But “we’ve been notified that our three males going forward doesn’t suit the purposes of the 50/50 quota split. 

Cr Ko decided to withdraw after being the last nominated as a result of a vacancy popping up in December, but Crs Bevan and Gobbert wanted their November nominations to stand. 

Crs Di Bain and Sandy Anghie have also now nominated, and rather than have to vote between Crs Ko and Bevan the council decided to send off four nominations and let the minister pick his cast. 

The Trust runs venues including His Majesty’s Theatre and the State Theatre and board members are paid $460 for an average three-hour meeting (six a year). 

The PTT Act from 1979 says there has to be three Perth councillors 

on the board, but an updated bill wending its way through parliament will replace the PTT with a broader “Arts and Culture Trust” that has no provision for council representation.


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