Labor pledge for Charles crossing

Perth state Labor MP John Carey with local resident Adrienne Silsbury who welcomes the relief coming to busy Charles Street. Photo supplied.

A NEW pedestrian crossing’s been pledged for Charles Street near the corner of Albert Street – one of the inner-suburbs’ least walker-friendly roads.

The 24-hour green light crossing will go where the old school crossing used to be.

Residents have been calling for something to be done to make it less hostile for pedestrians as the street acts as an unnerving 60kmh divide between the two halves of the neighbourhood. A couple of years ago one guerrilla resident even put up handmade signs facing the road imploring drivers to consider public transport instead of cruising through the suburb. 

Perth state Labor MP John Carey announced the new crossing as an election commitment worth $600,000.

It came out of a pedestrian survey he ran in mid-2020 shortly after a new Woolworths development was approved a short ways to the north.

“It’s been quite evident from that survey that there’s been a particular concern: Crossing Charles Street.”

He said the crossing proposal “has been strongly welcomed by the local community. It is a crossing for kids to get to North Perth Primary School, [and] it is a natural crossing point point for people to access Charles Veryard Reserve.”

“It is a significant investment… it is costing $600,000 and I get a lot of people saying ‘why does it cost so much to do a green light crossing?’

“Part of it is underground works and access to electricity, so unfortunately sometimes it can appear simple and it’s not.”

The timeframe’s dependent on Main Roads but he’s hoping to get it sorted within the next year. 


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