Skate park dope

Perth state Labor MP John Carey, Vincent mayor Emma Cole and young scooterers Spencer, Lewis and Jennifer Wilcox at Axford Park, one of the potential sites. Photo by David Bell

PLANS for a skate and scooter park in Mount Hawthorn has been warmly welcomed to cater for a boom of tweens in the suburb.

Perth state Labor MP John Carey raised the idea last year and has now finished a survey asking locals if they like the plan and their preferred spot.

While Bayswater council’s plan for a new all-ages skate park has caused some discontent from residents concerned about skater stereotypes, Vincent’s one for younger kids gained huge support: Of 217 respondents to the survey 88 per cent were in favour, 5 per cent were neutral, and only 7 per cent were opposed.

Mr Carey says: “There’s a massive child boom in Vincent and we want to invest in facilities that get kids outside.”

Vincent mayor Emma Cole says the council’s keen for the park, with more things for young kids identified as a priority in its public open space strategy.

Local mum Julia Wilcox says Mount Hawthorn’s a good, safe suburb for a skate and scoot park for younger kids, and if it’s in an open visible area she’d have peace of mind sending pre-teen kids. 

The final spot is yet to be settled but there’s five on the table, with surveyors slightly favouring Britannia Reserve 

(either up at the car park near Litis Stadium or down near the tennis club), followed by Charles Veryard Reserve, Axford Park then Blackford Street Reserve. Vincent council will run a working group to figure out those details. 

$200,000’s been announced as an election pledge by Labor for the skatepark, part of a half million dollar package of sports funding for the area including cash for Mt Hawthorn Cardinals to expand junior girls’ sports, $100,000 for netball courts at Robertson Park tennis courts (Vincent’s first full netball courts, for North Perth Dynamites practice), and $100,000 towards a basketball court with skatey bits at Birdwood Square. 


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