Into the light

This “Tunnel of Hope” artwork from June 2020 was temporary, and East Perth residents want more permanent light. Photo by City of Perth

AFTER years in the shadow realm, East Perth’s finally getting a lighting upgrade, starting late 2021.

For years a lack of lighting’s been one of the main issues locals have asked Perth council to fix.

Back in 2017 East Perth resident Tony Ransom told a council meeting “for the last 10 or 15 years we have been asking for the street lights to be improved in that general area.

“Any chance that the street lights can be done first to improve security, so you can at least see what you are being attacked by?”

Lighting upgrades start along Adelaide Terrace late 2021, and the overpass on that street will be artistically lit up in early 2022 at a cost of $80,000 following a notice of motion by deputy lord mayor Sandy Anghie last week. 

The East Perth Community Group is thankful more lighting’s coming along Adelaide Terrace but pleaded for the overpass to be lit up sooner. 

“We need to see some deliverables that are not just more plans,” EPCG treasurer Lesley Warren told last week’s council meeting.

The EPCG had delivered a detailed and costed proposal for lighting the overpass to commissioners, but didn’t make any headway. Their plan was cheaper, costed at about $50,000.

Ms Warren said the city’s own lighting plan says the overpass is meant to be a landmark and gateway, but its surrounds have “very little lighting” and are “unsafe and uninviting”.

“This neighbourhood precinct looks very tired with old footpaths, physical assets and many empty buildings, and little looks vibrant and alive except the community, and lighting would help a lot.” She said Cr Anghie’s motion was “a very welcome minor urban intervention” but delaying it til next year seemed unnecessary.

Despite East Perth’s dimness, the council last week approved a new $20,000 promo campaign to market Perth as the “City of Lights” based on the 1962 campaign when Perth lit up so astronaut John Glenn could see us from space. 


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