Land swap deal for Beaufort park

A LAND swap between Vincent council and a local developer could lead to a new public open space on Beaufort Street, but the council could also pocket a $1 million windfall.

The council owns a third of a carpark on Beaufort Street that’s flanked by privately-owned blocks which may end up with six storey developments on them. 

If the council had the northern section of the block it could be consolidated with it’s mini-carpark on Barlee Street and redeveloped into a 700sqm public space.


Palassis Holdings owns the rest of the carpark and is keen on the swap, provided the land becomes a park which related to its development: that’s estimated to increase the value of Palassis’ land by $300,000. 

Vincent’s now consulting on whether to go ahead with the swap, sell the land and fund another park, or just keep it.

“Each option for the Barlee Street Carpark has its advantages and I’m looking forward to exploring these options with community members, business owners and visitors,” mayor Emma Cole said in a statement.

in the heart of Mount Lawley would support the recovery of Beaufort Street while helping to address a shortfall in green space near the entertainment strip.

“The sale of the land would give us about $1 million to put towards another new park or the upgrade of an existing space in Vincent.

“Two thirds of the car park are privately owned, and if we kept our piece of land we could keep the car park operating for as long as we have a lease over these neighbouring properties.”

The park isn’t funded: The council would have to find between $500,000 and $1m to build it. 

Between the cost of leasing out the other two thirds of the block and managing the carpark, it currently runs at a loss. It’s usually about half full on a weekend night, and pretty quiet in the day.

Long term advocate for the strip and past Beaufort Street Network chair Joshua O’Keefe isn’t keen on the land swap-to-park plan. 

He says Beaufort Street is degraded and the basics need to be fixed instead of “another underperforming glamour project”.

Consultation’s open until March 19 on imagine.vincent.

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