Drain nets plan to catch river rubbish

Full of trash that would’ve gone straight into the river. Photo from City of Kwinana.

NETS over drain outlets are being considered as a way to keep garbage out of our waterways.

Bayswater councillor Elli Petersen-Pik has asked council staff to look into whether there are any outlets that’d benefit from the nets, which were first installed in Kwinana council in 2018. 

Cr Petersen-Pik says: 

“During one year, two of those nets collected a total of 1.69 tonnes of waste,” including food wrapping, bottles, cans, organic waste, and domestic waste. 

Along with keeping rubbish out of the river, Cr Petersen-Pik tells us it might also be useful for Maylands Lakes. The trio of lakes on Maylands peninsula have had many health issues for years, including rubbish coming in via discharged stormwater from eight inlets that then collects in corners.

The inlets have sediment traps – basins that let some heavy sediments settle to keep them out of the lake – but not nets specialised in keeping the rubbish out.

After trailing two drainage nets at Henley Nature Reserve, Kwinana council was impressed enough to buy three more. It cost about $10,000 to buy and install each trap and they filled up fast enough to need waste collection about 10 times a year.

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