Letters 13.3.21

I am inclined to agree

I AM inclined to agree with G Lorenzo of North Perth, who complains that the City of Vincent is carrying out “beauracratic madness” in its attempt to achieve ticks in boxes under some form of global action plan (“City hall is the common problem,” Voice, March 6, 2021).

If the purpose of “sustainable development goals” is to radicalise vehicular and car driving activity into a fringe naughty behaviour, then the council is not going to be very sustainable at all.

The purpose of our local government sector is to not try to engineer their version of social solutions but to use our rates in a way that benefits all citizens.

And that includes pedestrians, car drivers, skateboarders, electric scooter drivers … the list goes on.  

Upon saying this, I do believe that local governments can improve social conditions by taking a step in the right direction if advised correctly and with proper consultation.

The City of Vincent has been pretty good at some of that in the past, but in recent years they have embarked on some sort of ideological slant that hates people driving around in their cars.

I have been critical in the past about the excessive number of speed bumps on our streets as we try to navigate local roads to the shops, schools, businesses and homes.

At some point the City of Vincent must have absorbed a report that installing this ‘out of date’ type of road regulation was the best type of action to prevent speeding down local roads.

All I can say is they have turned our streets into a bump fest without any vehicle slowdown at all.

And just when does it become part of the action plan to remove them after they have had some of the supposed desired effect.

Some side streets have speed bumps that have been there for 20 years and now no traffic, so why are the speed bumps still there?

Possibly a stupid “set and forget” mentality. Not sustainable at all.

But let’s just take a look at what the city wants to do with the “new” North Perth common.

They say that a right turn into North Perth Common from Fitzgerald Street and a right turn out of North Perth common onto Fitzgerald Street will enhance North Perth common overall.

So what will drivers do? They will go via Angove Street and subsequently increase traffic on that street. And drivers will want to access Angove via Woodville Street which is already a cramped street.

And what will the City then do?

They will then say that more speed bumps and possibly chicanes, need to be installed on Angove Street because of increased vehicular traffic.

Woodville will come under increased scrutiny.

Let’s face it, the whole area is busy-busy-busy. There is no denying it. But the never ending penalising of drivers only inflames tensions.

If the City of Vincent really wants to make some good changes that protects pedestrians and car drivers alike, then they should take up action regarding the corner of Bourke and View at Charles Street, because it is excessively dangerous.

Far more so than the other end of View Street where the over-priced and somewhat dowdy North Perth common exists.

Then they would be doing something useful and not just ticking boxes.

Colin Scott
Deague Ct, North Perth

Fun pruners

WHAT a sad state of affairs when a backyard is no longer big enough for a playground for children, and they have to take over the front verge, close to the road (“Swing grinch left hanging as Bayswater changes policy,” Voice, March 6, 2021).

Our two street trees are pruned once a year, but what will happen to street trees that have swings, rope ladders, etc?

The street tree pruning contractors have large areas to prune daily and no time to mess around moving play equipment.

Maureen Green Belfast St,

Biloela boondoggle

It has been nearly three years since the refugee Tamil family living in Biloela were rounded up in a dawn raid and sent to a detention centre in Melbourne. 

There they languished for nearly 18 months, then were shipped to the Christmas Island detention centre. 

Like so many refugees in limbo, their cases have been habitually and consistently discounted by the government. 

But recently the full bench of the federal court upheld a 2020 ruling that the youngest daughter “was not given procedural fairness” in her application for a protection visa.

Home affairs minister Peter Dutton has accused the family of “costing the Australian taxpayer millions of dollars”.

 Yet it is the government detention, not the family, that is costing millions of dollars. 

If the family were allowed back into the community, back to Biloela where they are welcome, respected and self-supporting there would be no cost, no interminable court cases, no more needless suffering for the family. 

Tamils are being persecuted in Sri Lanka. 

The Australian government could easily release themselves and the family from this agonising impasse by merely recognising that fact, thereby clearing the way for the Tamil family to be granted permanent protection visas and returned to their free, productive, normal lives in Biloela.  

Or perhaps minister Dutton could demonstrate a flicker of human decency, compassion and sensible thinking, and merely exercise his ministerial discretion to allow them to return to Biloela.

Tom Vosmer
Helen Kirkbride


THANKS for the wonderful story of Judyth and friends working to get refugee Zulaikha and her five daughters to resettlement in Canada, and out of their precarious and stateless situation in Indonesia.

What struck me was that the Aussies tried to bring them here under our humanitarian scheme, but were refused. 

Now Judyth must raise over $50,000 to send to sponsors in Canada.  Canada will accept this family on top of their government humanitarian quota.

If Judyth could sponsor them to Australia, the money raised would be spent in Australia and we would gain six good citizens with a strong support network. 

But that is how it is, so please help Zula and the girls to freedom – a perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Go to https://chuffed.org/project/help-zulaikha-and-her-five-daughters-reach-safety-in-canada

Betty McGeever

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