Healing Your Mind

Learn how to heal through art, music, stories and language

by Jane Grljusich
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Group therapy. 

Sound daunting? 

It’s not really, and its worth any worry.  

My experience at Wisdom In Your Life’s Healing Your Mind day courses was astonishing. 

Coming together with others, including Aboriginal people, to express (only if you choose to) challenges and feelings can be confronting, but Psychologist, Roslyn Snyder, and Aboriginal leader, Shaun Nannup, use their wisdom and strength to ensure it’s a safe and positive experience for everyone, no matter how different we may be or feel, and most of it is expressed through art, music, stories and language.

It’s absolutely incredible what appears before you on pages as they gently guide you to toward healing and a healthy mind. 

A lot of “stuff” falls out, kind of like how pennies drop when we hear a song, see a film, or read a book that resonates with us. 

There are those “oh yeah” moments, and the “oh shit” ones. 

Sometimes stuff we didn’t even realise was wrong with us oozes out, and if you choose to leave it behind with Roslyn and Shaun, they’ll burn it in a ceremonial fire and release the energy into the ether and away from you. 

That’s how it works, and it’s the definition of cathartic. 

WISDOM in Your Life provides simple, visual, inclusive and integrated
teachings to heal the mind, enhance culture, or smooth the interface
between two or more cultures; workplace, family, community or specialised

Courses Available (full dates available at wisdominyourlife.com.au)
Aboriginal storytelling 18 April, or 16 May (two-and-a-half hours from 5.30pm to 8pm)
Place, Nature, Purpose – 26 May, 9 and 23 June, or 18 August, 1 and 15 September
Stage 1 – The Map – 20 & 21 April, 18 & 19 May, 15 & 16 June
Sated 2 – The Compass – 6 & 7 April, 4 & 5 May, 1 & 2 June
Stage 3 – Energy Patterns – 14 & 14 April, 11 & 12 May, 8 & 9 June
Online – anytime


GOOD AND BAD – About two thirds of the young people in detention expressed this ‘split’ between good and bad that they cannot control.
Psychologically, this occurs in people who have experienced life threatening trauma while the mind is still developing (i.e. before 25). According to Nijeus et al. the mind dissociates ‘splits’ to cope with what is happening. Different parts of the mind are affected depending on the stage of development. This requires specialised treatment. Given the level of DV and abuse in this group, this is not unexpected. No amount of anger/stress management, mindfulness or CBT will fix this. 

My life. All good, me with my family, then my mother died, my brother was murdered and my best friend killed and died in my arms. Then everything was bad.
Notice the trees are small, and the young
person has blood on their hands.

Stage 1. Good and bad, I feel like I am two people.
Stage 2. I had to ask him to paint his spirit child I tried to make it lighterbut it kept going black!

As this young person was struggling to paint their spirit child, I suggested imagining what it was like as they couldn’t see it. No words.
Stage 2 later in the afternoon This is who I really am
I explained that often when we have a split between good and bad, we need to join these two parts together. This young person did many more paintings trying to join the good and bad together and couldn’t do it, these all went in the bin.

The two sides of me joined.

Goolugatup Heathcote, Applecross (Heathcote Cultural Precinct)
Phone 9499 4053
Email info@wisdominyourlife.com.au

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