Blogger guest speaker for DV

COVID has made for a tough year for charities and has also seen a surge in domestic violence, so charity Friends with Dignity is calling for donations to raise critical funds to assist people affected by family or domestic violence.

They’re holding a high tea fundraiser and writer Constance Hall has volunteered as keynote speaker, having been a survivor of domestic violence in an abusive relationship. 

Despite the serious subject matter FwD is aiming for an afternoon of “inspiration, friendship and fun”. 

This year FwD’s funds are being raised for the FriendSafe program, funding personal safety devices that contact emergency services when triggered. 

Phones are sometimes controlled or confiscated by coercive partners. This device resembles a smartwatch but doesn’t need to be hooked up to a phone to operate like most of the watches.

The high tea is on Saturday May 15 at 2pm at Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough, tickets via

One response to “Blogger guest speaker for DV

  1. How many children of parents who suffered financial stresss survived unscathed?

    How can such children have any faith in financial institutions when they see what has happened to thier parents, while impacting on what otherwise might have been a confident childhood…

    The institutions do what they do, but it is the relationship between the child and parent that continues, but now on much shakier ground..

    How much Superannuation or EQUITY in homes was stripped from the otherwise healthy household?

    Does anybody survive such drama and still be able to help with the offsprings start in life, or – do they too have to start from scratch, all over again, but now with a soured opinion of much of what can be appear as blessings in other households

    but, if you are carer for a fit and agile 92yr old for 30 years, – that you can be replaced by the smorgasbord of staff rotated all shifts – as a youthful office worker eliminates your reason to exist..

    Rather than actually helping, every request for thoughtful help was everso professionally – politely deferred..

    Such a shame such folk dont help the overworked Hospital Staff

    and not simply bulldoze precious relationships into the ground..


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