Council ready for its listening ears

VINCENT council hopes to fix its communication issues with a new engagement framework.

Following some notable recent instances where locals felt projects were roaring ahead without them, the council has decided on a review.

From the Beatty Park toilet block being demolished without a word, to unannounced works replacing Hyde Park’s grass with gravel, meagre or missing consultation has continued to be a complaint at public question time.


At the last meeting when councillors approved going out to the public about this, deputy mayor Susan Gontaszewski said: “I would love to hear the comments on the document from the people in the community who have raised with me, or in this chamber, concerns around the city’s engagement practice. 

“I think the city does engage well and has good intention in the vast majority of cases but this document, I’m hoping, will allow for us to have some guidance in the way we should be improving our engagement.

“If you’ve had any issues with engagement at Vincent, this is your opportunity.”

Mayor Emma Cole said since their big Imagine Vincent consultation project in 2017.“we have had some highs and lows along the way and I think we’ve lost some of that great engagement that we actually really did well” and she hoped the framework would make for consistent highs. 

It’s open for comment until June 4, either imagine.vincent. or in person, and there’s a drop-in day on May 29 at the admin centre 9am to noon.


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