Cat curfew call

• A North Perth resident wants a cat curfew to curtail the impact on wildlife and their nuisance value. 

VINCENT’S cats should be subjected to a curfew, says a North Perth local who’s tired of seeing them stalk the neighbourhood and kill small animals.

Milly Main has requested Vincent council consider a ban saying “many councils have brought in cat curfews to prevent nuisance cats from wandering at night, disturbing people on their own property and stalking and killing native animals”.

At nearby Smith’s Lake, dogs must be kept on a leash to prevent them disturbing nesting waterbirds, but a couple of impressively-bellied felines are a frequent sight there after dark.

Bayswater council, with a variety of waterlands and reserves, has been having similar issues with rampaging cats.

Resident David Dyke is a champion of native critters and in 2020 won a citizen award for his work cataloguing native frog calls. But his work is hampered by constant cat attacks.

He recently called on Bayswater council to require cat owners contain their pets on their property, and the council agreed to consider it in reviewing their cat laws this year.

Ms Main says apart from preying on smaller animals, North Perth’s cats also enjoy noisy fighting and waking up dogs who then wake up babies ‚Äì bad news for their household with a newborn.

“We are not allowed to let our dog wander onto other people’s property at night and it does not seem right that cats can be allowed to trespass on ours,” Ms Main said.

Vincent council replied to Ms Main’s missive at the June 22 council meeting, saying a new broad “Animal Local Law” is in the works and “consideration” will be given to a curfew to deal with problem cats.

That local law’s due to go in front of council in the next couple of months.


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