Cooking up harmony

THE smell of fried chicken has proved to be too much of a good thing around Lake Street, with residents around the new restaurant 7Grams Chicken calling on Vincent council to help neutralise the odours.

7Grams cooks well-loved “irresistible Korean fried chicken” but since moving from North Perth to Lake Street about six months back some of their new neighbours reckon the cooking’s too potent. 

Resident Lynley Coen’s petition says “the emission of odours from the premises to the external environment is offensive and permeates outdoor areas and dwellings and has a detrimental impact on residents’ quality of life.


“The signatories appreciate and support the mix of businesses in the area and the intention in raising this issue is not to cause harm to the business but rather to be able to live harmoniously alongside it.”

Vincent staff told councillors at the June 22 meeting that they’d had complaints for a couple of months and had required the operator install a chimney, stack and ventilation system to comply with national ventilation standards.

But residents say the system “does not mitigate the emission of nuisance odours” and collected the petition.

A Vincent officer told councillors “we do have the ability under the health local law to investigate odour nuisances. 

“There’s quite a small penalty associated with breaches and nuisances that aren’t rectified so we do have further ability to take compliance action”.

Council staff will investigate and a report on the petition goes back to council next month. 


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