Historic meal

I LIKE a boozer with a bit of history.

Built in 1886, The Grosvenor Hotel is one of Perth’s oldest operating pubs and is awash with Victorian touches and historic photos.

It’s situated in the Perth Mint precinct; a stylish, little pocket of Hay Street.

Grosvenor’s menu isn’t the biggest or the most adventurous, but it is well thought-out and has a range of dishes to satisfy most tastes.

Aside from the usual burgers, pizzas and steak sandwiches there were some interesting high-end dishes like Mediterranean Chicken (whole chicken breast marinated in garlic, fresh thyme and lemon zest), salmon fillet warm quinoa salad, and filet mignon.

There was also a decent range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.

My chicken gamberi ($34) was delicious. The prawns were juicy and plump, and the succulent chicken breast had the slightest of pink hues.

Enhancing the flavour was the chargrilled skin, providing a caramelised texture to the meat and seafood.

The smoked paprika rubbed onto the chicken was a nice touch, adding a latent smokiness to the dish.

However the belle of the ball was the white wine and garlic cream sauce – an utterly divine concoction that had the perfect balance of flavours and wasn’t too rich. The chicken breast and prawns were perched on top of a bed of crushed potatoes and baby spinach; a refreshing interlude to the decadent sauce.

This was a dish which tasted a lot better than it looked; the presentation was okay but it could have been better.

Despite the stormy weather, The Grosvenor was pretty busy on a Tuesday night with plenty of patrons in the bar and dining area.

I liked how there was an area for the bar flies and another for people who wanted a quiet meal.

Across the table my wife was enjoying her snapper and chips ($26).

“The fish is top quality – fresh, moist and perfectly cooked,” she said. 

“I really like the James Squire Ale batter on the fish, and the chips are crunchy and not greasy.

“Salads are often an afterthought with fish and chips, but this little Greek number has a subtle dressing with fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion and cucumber.”

Grosvenor’s kids menu was one of the biggest I’ve seen with six dishes including steak and chips with salad, and spaghetti Bolognese.

I ordered two Margherita pizzas for the kids ($14.50 each) and they were absolutely ginormous.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we had got adult ones by mistake.

The pizza had a thin, crispy base and that trademark gooey mozzarella that becomes mottled when cooked in the oven.

Despite its size, the kids managed a lot of slices and it wasn’t a doughy slog.

I had a taste and was impressed by the rich tomato sauce and the quality of the mozzarella. A lovely and good-value pizza.

The Grosvenor felt like a family-friendly venue with smiley and polite bar staff. 

There’s nothing earth-shattering about its food or menu, but it’s very well executed and high-quality pub fare.

An enjoyable meal in an historic boozer.

Grosvenor Hotel
339 Hay Street


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