Letters 17.7.21

Where’s your pride?

IT was with much amusement that I read the page 3 headline “Tigers Optused out of final bid” (Voice, July 10, 2021). 

To the best of my knowledge the Tiger’s habitat is Claremont Oval in Claremont where it can be seen in royal blue and gold whereas the Lion in maroon & gold resides in Leederville Oval in Leederville. 

Yes they are both big cats but one can acknowledge they are nothing alike occupying vastly different habitats. 

Me thinks you’ve got your Tigers & Lions mixed up. 

I noted in the paragraphs “it was damn” both of which can be applied to the discrepancies in the article.

Frank Morganti

The Ed says: Thanks Frank, consider us suitably mauled. It should be noted that of the two reporters bylined, David Bell was not responsible for the balls-up, and his tiddlywink-loving teammate has been relegated to the back pocket.

Zoom zoom … doom

I HAVE just driven through North Perth in the area where the City of Vincent has recently installed nine roundabouts. 

May I say it’s just marvellous! 

I had an uninterrupted drive along Raglan Road from William to Fitzgerald Street. 

I hardly needed to slow down at the intersections, as the tiny roundabouts didn’t present any obstacle requiring me to slow down.

I could virtually go straight through without turning the steering wheel – zoom zoom!

It’s also great that I now don’t have to stop for pedestrians wanting to cross the road – further reducing my trip time.

It’s such a better route than going along nearby Vincent Street with its 40kmh speed limit and pesky speed humps – and no chance of being caught speeding!

Thank you City of Vincent, 

I’ll definitely be using these local residential streets as a short cut from now on. Just hope my little secret doesn’t get out.

Keep up the good work, and hopefully we see many more roundabouts throughout the city.

Viva la voiture!

Andrew Main 
North Perth

Fired up

DURING our winter it is easy to forget that our future summers are linked to what is happening in Canada at the moment. 

Below, I have used the example of my home to convey the growing climate emergency:

“I have had a fire in my lounge room for many years. It has been lovely and warm so I have kept it burning all year round by adding more and more fuel such as some petrol, some gas and some coal.

Unfortunately, my fire got out of hand, burnt my house down and has spread to the nearby bush land, destroying my neighbours’ homes, the trees and the animals that live there. 

I tried reducing the fuel load by one third but it has still kept burning more and more and getting hotter and hotter. It has become an emergency!

I realise now that I actually need to completely stop adding any more fuel so will aim to do this over the next 20 to 30 years. 

By 2040 or 2050 it will be a NetZero fuel load and all will be well, or will it!

Paula Samson 
Duncraig Rd, Applecross

Population ponzi scheme

AUSTRALIA’S population ponzi scheme drives down wages and conditions, drives down living standards, drives up already over-priced and unaffordable house prices and decimates more and more natural environment – bushland.

It compounds traffic congestion – finding a parking spot and general over-crowding.

But it is all going to collapse. Then what?

Brad Capes

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