Letters 11.9.21

Our response

IT is great to see the comments and debate generated by Mr Harley, (“Speedy response,” Voice Letters, August 5, 2021) about the city’s response times to requests from residents and ratepayers.

City staff are working hard every day to manage and maintain our roads, footpaths, drains, parks, playgrounds, carparks, trees and community facilities.    

We aim to respond to all requests within a reasonable time.

But there will often be a greater demand than we are able to meet with our current resourcing.

The localised flooding we experienced this winter was such an occasion.

Overall, the City of Vincent fared well during these storms compared to some of our neighbouring councils.

Our staff were on the roads in some of the most difficult weather conditions, unblocking drains in order of urgency and priority – not by who complained the most or loudest as being suggested by Mr Stevenson JP (28 August).

The city has undertaken extensive works to address some of the local drainage issues Mr Stevenson JP has raised.

Councillors and staff have also received and replied to dozens of emails from Mr Stevenson this year about various other matters and have met with him on several occasions to discuss his concerns in person.

City of Vincent council and administration aim to be highly responsive to all the concerns and issues raised by residents.

Mayor Cole, councillors and city staff are always available to hear these concerns in person, on the phone, via email, our website and in the council chamber. 

We understand how issues around traffic, parking, trees, graffiti, waste, drainage, road and footpath conditions can impact daily life.

We would just ask Mr Stevenson to understand that we cannot always fix all the maintenance issues we have in the city all at once. 

David MacLennan CEO,
City of Vincent

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