Marvel on a shoestring

Not even a shoestring budget, more a thong strap: the $12,000 feature-length film Good for Nothing Blues. Still from Jag Pannu Productions.

TWELVE thousand dollars would cover the budget of about one third of one second of a big Marvel movie, but a small band of Perth filmmakers have made a full feature-length film on just $12,000.

Good for Nothing Blues is a project five years in the making for director Alexander Lorian, who began writing in 2016 and ran auditions in 2018.

He took a punt with a Kickstarter to raise funds with a goal of $20,000, but at the campaign’s completion they only just hit $4000, and Kickstarter returns all pledged if the target’s not met.

He took a year to ensure the film could still go ahead on a minimal budget and cast and crew could still be paid, and with producer Elle Cahill they whittled a hefty 138 page script into a 131 minute film. 

Despite a pandemic interrupting shooting, 28 days of filming gave way to months in the editing room to polish off the final product, a crime comedy following a group of dole-bludging friends who win $200,000 on lotto and find extra cash only brings more problems in the form of gangs, cops, drugs and debt.

The homegrown film has a home town screening at Luna Leederville on September 12 at 6.30pm, for tickets


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