Letters 20.11.21

Not my preference

I AM totally opposed to the proposal for preferential voting for councils as it would fundamentally change the nature of local government elections. 

It would reflect the views of the other candidates and not the view of the electors as now with first past the post.

The October election for the City of Perth had 16 candidates with a total 16,565 votes cast for 4 councillors. 

1793 was the top vote getter, that was the clear wish of the electors, as was the votes cast for remaining 3 successful candidates.

The remaining 12 candidates polled 10,110 votes among them and preferential voting would see them (just 12 people) decide the outcome. 

A candidate with say half the votes (800) of the top vote (1793) could easily alter that by preferencing another candidate with 800 votes. 

Not exactly the wish of the electors. 

TJ Maller
East Perth

One response to “Letters 20.11.21

  1. First past the post should be the law in any election. Why should we give a vote to anyone or anyone’s policies we don’t know, respect or understand. This is neither democracy nor in the best interest of government operation particularly with unscrupulous dealings that bring about individuals or minor parties holding the majority to ransom. However, I do believe council elections be mandatory even if an elector goes along to cast a NO VOTE which he has a democratic right to do.

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