Camfield a hearty winner

THE CAMFIELD is situated beside the Optus Stadium and I went there for drinks after the A-League Grand Final in 2019.

I intended to revisit, but every time I went to an AFL game the queue for The Camfield was longer than Bailey Smith’s mullet. 

So I decided to take the family there for lunch on Tuesday, the first day you needed proof of vaccination to enter some venues.

The sun was splitting the sky and Channel 9 were interviewing sozzled punters as they toddled out of the sprawling boozer.

Despite the intense heat, we were able to eat in the beer garden, thanks to a high insulated overhang that made conditions pleasant.

The main alfresco had lovely views of the river and the Matagarup pedestrian bridge, with the stadium looming over the car park like an abandoned UFO.

The menu was the definition of hearty pub fare with pizza, burgers, bar bites, salads and desserts.

There were a few interesting mains like crab risotto, BBQ baby back pork ribs and pan roasted barramundi, but the menu was definitely slanted towards the pre-game crowd and those who like classic pub grub.

Be warned: like Optus Stadium itself, the portions at The Camfield are ginormous, so don’t order too much.

My wife’s za’atar spiced cauliflower and quinoa salad ($19) with chicken ($7) was so big it nearly warped space-time, and was piled high with massive grilled tenderloins and chunky florets of cauliflower.

I had the leftovers for dinner and still couldn’t finish it, but they hadn’t scarified on quality.

“The chicken is lovely and tender and moist, with a nice chargrilled flavour,” my wife said.

“It’s a lovely salad with the marinated feta, mint, cucumber and hazelnut dukkah combining well.

“I would have liked a bit more mint and fig balsamic, and the florets of cauliflowers are on the big side, but it’s a delicious and very filling salad.”

I went for the crispy chicken wings ($16) and vegetarian black bean and corn chilli nachos ($20) from the bar bites menu.

The tender chicken was just the ticket, and the batter was super crispy and not very greasy. The wings really came to life when dipped in the cool ranch sauce.

My nachos could have easily fed three people and were a gloriously messy heap of corn chips, guacamole, sour cream, black beans and jalapeños.

The ingredients were nice and fresh, and the guacamole top notch, but it looked like the cheese had been squeezed out of a bottle. Grated cheese would have been more in line with the rest of the dish.

Across the table, my two kids were wolfing down their delicious looking Margherita pizza ($20) which was super thin and wood-fired. Their verdict – “yummy” – and it was a good size for two young children to share.

The service was great throughout and the drinks super cheap ($15 for four large soft drinks from the bar). There was also a playground to keep kids entertained. 

If you’re after a hearty pub meal in a unique location, The Camfield could be a match winner.

The Camfield
1 Roger MacKay Dr, Burswood

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