New crime plan looks to high tech

The new crime plan would have more automated technology so rangers can more efficiently respond to other jobs. Photo by City of Bayswater.

GROWING concerns over crime has prompted Bayswater council to draw up a new crime prevention plan with high tech measures a big focus. 

New councillor Josh Eveson pushed for the new plan saying it was in response to “ongoing concerns from our community about crime and safety.

“People deserve to feel safe in their homes and for many in our community this isn’t the case.”

Crime stats recorded by police have been fairly steady in Bayswater over the past few years but that’s not matching the perception on the ground; last year’s community survey showed a rising perception of the rate of crime and fear for safety. 

AI cameras

The council’s five-year Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan has expired and Cr Eveson says it’s time to take advantage of the latest tech.

“A new plan enables inclusion of vastly updated smarter technologies, AI cameras, numberplate recognition etcetera, to reduce administrative burdens and reduce response times – a more effective deterrent and prevention service,” Cr Eveson said. 

The council has a few numberplate recognition cameras currently, which have so far lead to admissible evidence being handed over to police relating to a series of commercial burglaries and a recent murder.

Cr Eveson said the new plan could include incentives for ratepayers to install CCTV, keeping an eye on their own properties as well as the street, “like the recent example of arson around Tonkin Highway, where a suspect was quickly apprehend with assistance of key details and footage retrieved from community CCTV”.

The council put more funding into rangers last year after complaints about delayed response times. Cr Eveson says the new plan could include benchmarks to make sure problems are addressed promptly, which would be easier with more automated tech freeing up personnel.   

It’ll cost about $30,000 to bring in experts to draw up the new plan.


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