Our heartfelt thanks

A HEARTFELT thanks to all our Perth Voice readers who have responded to our campaign to Feed the Chook. It has been so encouraging.

One of them was Andrew of Voiceland, a keen walker, who has reliably delivered The Voice right through the pandemic. He donated the whole of one week’s pay to help feed the Chook and for that we are very grateful. 

In his email to us Andrew expressed his own gratitude to the Chook for not cutting his weekly wages when the Covid disaster struck and decimated so many of the advertisers the  relied on. See Andrew’s email below.

To keep the Voice healthy and crowing we are asking readers to follow the lead of the British Guardian media outlet and a host of other news media and websites and make a contribution to keep responsible journalism alive and kicking, to governments accountable and fairness and social justice in the spotlight.

To make your contribution simply send it to Herald Reserve, nab, BSB 086 217, Account 63-951-0124. Or you can mail it to Perth Voice, PO Box 85, North Fremantle, WA, 6158. We love getting letters.

And we’d love to know who you are. Please send a remittance advice or any enquiries to accounts@fremantleherald. com or text 0438 933 300. And keep an eye out each week as we report on the success of this plan to get the Rooster crowing again.

Let me help

I READ your recent front page story “Help keep this Rooster laying”, calling for contributions to help keep the presses printing.

I well remember the events of Black Friday, March 13, 2020 when hospitality, allied health, plus beauty and other businesses were made to close their doors. 

This led to long queues outside Centrelink which prompted the federal government to put JobKeeper in place and to double Job Seeker unemployment benefits.

Obviously you know better than me the effect on your small business advertising base with so many forced to close, resulting in a sharp decline in your advertising revenue.

From my point of view I remember you kept my pay the same as it was prior to the pandemic lockdown.

With this in mind the very least I can do is to donate what I earn today. I hope I can do this again in the future.

Thank you to you and other owners, as well as to the journalist David Bell, Stephanie Campbell and Liz Parnov in Distribution as well as other staff for keeping the Rooster crowing.

I hope there are others like me who would want to keep the presses turning. 

I imagine one of many increases is the cost of newsprint. 

A couple of years ago I was told by a business worker/owner who had been involved in printing that The Voice is printed on a high quality paper. 

Best wishes.
Andrew of Voiceland

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