Spring skating

• A drone’s-eye-view of the progress so far

THE new skate and BMX park in Bayswater is on track for an opening in mid-spring, with construction going pretty smoothly so far.

The original Wotton Reserve skate park had to be demolished to make way for the state government’s Metronet upgrades and the state’s paying $2.5 million to build a new one in the other part of the reserve, hauling over some of the old park’s ramps for the new one.

Works started in April and before the rains came down this week workers were able to finish the earthworks, complete the quarter pipe and get most of the work on the skate bowls done, and now works start on the BMX jumps and horseshoe bowl.  

Skaters and BMXers were originally concerned they might be left without a local skatepark if this project took too long to complete.

Unless there’s more prolonged crappy weather it should be open in September, which is on the shorter side of the original five to eight months scheduled for construction. 

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