Edinboro to Eden

AFG’s Kim Nguyen.

TWO thousand native plant tubestocks were put in the ground at Edinboro Reserve on the weekend to help build food sources for cockies.

The reserve had some diseased exotic trees that had to be pulled out and were replaced by five large trees along with the 2000 babies. 

The species were selected based on what the Carnaby’s black cockatoo likes to feed on, like corymbia calophyla, eucalyptus caesia, banksia, hakea, grevillea and melaleuca. 

Local workers from West Perth’s AFG volunteered to “ecozone” the reserve, part of Vincent council’s push over the past 10 years to replace water-hungry turf with native plants.

The project targets areas where the grass goes underused and vegetation corridors for wildlife can be created. 

The native plants need water at first but once they’re established the ecozoning at Edenboro Reserve will save about 1.38 million litres of water a year.

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