Park fee drives trainers away

BAYSWATER council’s permit policy for personal trainers using public parks is so punitive that one fitness instructor has pulled out of operating in Maylands Reserve. 

Bayswater charges personal trainers $1100 per year to train classes at a reserve, but they have to pay a separate fee for each park they want to use. They also have to pay that fee for each personal trainer, so an organisation with more than one trainer can end up paying far more than they could profit.

Cr Elli Petersen-Pik said it was clear the system was too onerous, given that there were only three personal trainers using parks in the whole City of Bayswater. 

“I’ve become aware of a story by one personal trainer, and there are only three – and I think just that figure itself shows that the city doesn’t really attract many personal trainers – who has shared a story of how difficult it is for him to operate,” Cr Petersen-Pik said at the September council meeting.

“He pulled out from one of the reserves. It was too much. Too much money, and not financially viable for the business, and the loss was for the residents who use that service.”

He said public fitness training helped residents stay active and connect with neighbours and the permit system shouldn’t stand in the way.

Cr Petersen-Pik got unanimous support to make the system less onerous and now one permit will cover all parks, and one permit can cover multiple trainers from the same organisation. 

The usual restriction stays to prevent the parks becoming packed with armies of fitness classes, as the classes are only allowed where there’s enough space to not impact other users.


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